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"I'm a $13 patron, to anyone who is thinking about signing up, I highly recommend it. More content than you could use in years, and higher quality than a lot of the more recent official books. It's absolutely worth it."

    -Alex Crofton

"You are quite literally in my top three favorite content creators for Dungeons & Dragons. Please never retire and never lose your passion."

    -Kaidan Redgrave  

"This is unbelievably badass"


"Thank all of you on the team for making such amazing stuff to release and share it with us! Easily some of the best homebrew I’ve seen! You can tell how much love and care has been put into it, and I love it. I loved reading the lore, and getting so into the dynamics of the Mages War from the snippets offered! It’s an honor to be able to utilize such amazing content from what is apparently a super awesome home game! Literally every release since I started following in December has left me continuously going “Oh my gosh, I’m so excited to put this in my game!” Or some variation of that. Seriously, amazing work, and massive kudos to the Critical Crafting team."



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Welcome to my channel, Critical Crafting!
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